Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who’s following you back on Twitter!

"Manage your Twitter followers with ManageFlitter"

With ManageFlitter you can easily give your Twitter account a cleaner and neater look by filtering your following list. This tool helps you to enhance the quality of your homepage.

It is better to get rid of those that are inactive or those who are not following your tweets. It does not only increases your weight but also make your homepage junk-free. ManageFlitter provides you with the perfect tool to see and determine who are inactive, who are not following you back, whose profile does not include an avatar etc in your twitter account. These features are pretty handy as it helps distinguish the spammers from the non spammers.

Good: Super Easy Interface, trendy web 2.0 interface, nice user control, completely free (standard account)!

Bad: Only shows the last 5,000 people you have followed due to Twitter’s API limits, slow to load, Times out (If you multi-task while you’re waiting for the last action to complete, it may time out and you’ll have to reload).

The "free" version includes the following:

- Who you’re following but who’s not following you back
- Friend with no profile images
- People who haven’t posted a tweet in the past month
- People who are “talkative” and tweet more than 5X/day
- People who are “quiet” and tweet less than once/day
- You can do bio searches for anyone that you follow, as well as search their recent tweets

The “Pro” version includes:

- Unlimited daily follow and unfollows. (Standard accounts have a 1000 follow/unfollow limit).
- Track everyone who has unfollowed you and when, and receive detailed email reports of who has followed or unfollowed you daily, weekly or monthly.
- Quickly follow everyone who has recently @replied to you, or retweeted you.
- In the future, there will be detailed reports of your extended social graph. Find out who all your friends are following and you aren’t.

The best thing about "basic-standard" ManageFlitter is that, it offers a wide collection of features for free.

ManageFlitter offers a suite of basic services for free, and premium services for $12/month. The only problem with the premium package is ManageFlitter doesn’t make it easy to see what’s included, which makes it difficult to know whether it’s worth the money.

ManageFlitter is a fun application. It simply lets you find who is not following you, no registration, no entering Twitter credentials. So if you are unsure "if your best friend" is following you or not, simply discover that by visiting It is a solid tool for anyone trying to get a handle on their friends and followers. I highly recommend it if you are being overwhelmed by the spammers.

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