Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TOP 10 mini USB 2.0 flash drives for your pocket 2012!

My review about mini USB flash drives!

Which one will get the crown in mini USB 2.0 flash drive! To be a best mini usb drive for your pocket. Well, check it out now! Find your stylish mini USB flash drive! This time i will try to introduce some top mini USB flash drives from brand names as Kingston, Patriot, Super Talent, PQI, LaCie, HP, Verbatim and Corsair;

Why is a mini USB 2.0 flash drive so special!

Mini, memory, i-stick, ultra-portable mini, portable flash drive, thumb drive, USB stick, mini flash key, USB pendrive, penny drive, ultra small flash drive, you name it! So many names for a miniature USB 2.0 flash device!

Mini USB flash drives are so small, that they fit in every pocket, wallet, on your keychain or even on a cell phone for a decoration. So you can keep your important data with you all the time. That makes them ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations, movies, document, back up, portable e-mails, bootable USB flash drives or use it in your car to play music, etc, etc. Some are stylish, sturdy, plastic, fragile, but all are compact and unique!
They say, good things come in small packages. So, let's check it out!

More about my full review you can find on Squidoo lens Best mini usb drives!

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