Thursday, June 23, 2011

PowerColor officially launched its dual-GPU HD 6870 X2

PowerColor has officially launched its dual-GPU HD 6870 X2 graphics card.

With a total of 2,240 stream processors (1,120 per GPU) and 2,048MB GDDR5 (1,024MB per GPU), the dual-Barts XT GPUs churn out speeds of 900MHz, with the onboard memory running at 1,050MHz (4,200MHz effective).
PowerColor tells us that the HD 6870 X2 harnesses ‘Platinum Power Kit' - comprising of a 13-phase PWM, and superior components, to deliver stability and operating efficiency. The cooling solution uses Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, and is said to deliver markedly improved heat dissipation properties, compared to a copper base.

Availability is scheduled for early July, but there's no official confirmation of pricing just yet.


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