Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to convert non-Amazon books for the Kindle!

If you have a Kindle and want to use a non-Amazon e-books! Then youre on right place!

Amazon doesn’t show the way to make it clear how to use non-Amazon sources (we wouldn’t expect any less really, they have a business model to support and encourage). It’s really easy with the use of a free and open-source application called Calibre. Calibre can easily convert many, many, document formats into Kindle friendly formats (such as ePUB,  LIT, LRF, and more to the MOBI format used by the Kindle).  Think of Calibre as a media manager for your books (much like iTunes is common and popular media manager for music). You can download Calibre here or, to get a feel for the application, read guide from "How-To-Geek" to convert PDF to ePUB format with Calibre. All you need to do is exchanged PDF for whatever format you want to convert and select MOBI instead of ePUB and you’ll be all set. Plug in your Kindle, copy the files, and enjoy!

Now enjoy reading a non-Amazon e-books on your Kindle!

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