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Looking for a good Sci-Fi reading? E-book "The Frequency" is the perfect choice!

He was her best friend. She was the only one who was able to see him - up to the day when he suddenly disappeared. Forever? Was he just a product of her imagination or was there some deeper truth?

The novel The Frequency is first set in a small European country Slovenia where we meet the main protagonist Ina Kralj. Before she starts elementary school she has a best friend only she can see. But soon he vanishes and Ina is not sure anymore if he was real or not. The setting shifts to New York where Ina travels to continue her studies. Maybe there is a deeper purpose hidden in her decision...
The story also speaks about how irrelevant it is where we come from since an individual's soul is not limited by physical borders. The romantic plot full of dark twists and a dramatic dénouement is interlaced with the protagonists' special abilities and interesting messages which lead us to believe that the truth may lie in the absolute devotion to something higher than us and in the faith in the message: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

To be more exact...

The story speaks about Ina, a girl who spends the last days before school with her friend Ravi. But she is the only one who can see him. Ina's parents are concerned about her slightly asocial behavior because they believe her friend is just a figment of her imagination. They want her to have a social life, to become a normal child with real friends. Their wish comes true when she enters elementary school. This is also the time when she loses touch with Ravi and his inexplicable disappearance causes her a lot of pain. During elementary school she is unable to become a part of the crowd because she feels too different from her peers. Her maturity, open-mind and the broadness of her soul contribute to her decision to move to New York after finishing elementary school and continue her education there. From this part on the story acquires a new dimension and the plot becomes interlaced with many romantic moments and dark twists. The events set in New York disclose to the reader whether Ina's friend is real or not. The story also further describes their real relationship and connection. But the real test is in wait for Ina when she meets a mysterious, slightly charming but scary older man. It is no coincidence that his dislike of Ina is the consequence of the tight connection between Ravi and her. The relationship between Ina and Ravi is tested one last time by the mysterious man's evil act which is the result of his lack of power. It is only the use of special powers which are the result of the main protagonists' surrender to the deeper truth that can bring about their happy future.

About the author!

The author, Janja Sreckar, enjoys reading science-fiction novels. She is especially drawn to the protagonists with special powers. She has a wide array of favorite authors and their main quality is that they strengthen the message they wish to convey with the use of love and humor. Among her favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte, Stephenie Meyer, Stephen Turoff, Shirlie Maclaine, Gustav Silih and Bogdan Novak. Her passion for reading and being creative in this field (she has been writing poems since age 9) have inspired her to start thinking about writing a book; a story that would contain a deeper message. She found the inspiration for the right story, shape, style and form about a year ago. The author believes that her story contains all the qualities she loves in science-fiction novels - and something more than this. The feedback in the test group shows that the work has all the necessary ingredients to develop into a well-accepted and sought-after literary work.
Janja Sreckar majored in teaching music and devoted her life to art at the very early age of 3. She has acted in a traveling theatre for 20 years where she has also authored lyrics for songs and scripts for plays.

If you love Sci-Fi! Read this e-book the Frequency in PDF or ePUB format. Compatible with your e-reader device! Then this is your next trilogy to read.

Science fiction novel The Frequency is a unique e-book; it is available in two well-known formats to enable the best possible support for various devices. These are PDF (Adobe Reader) and EPUB formats. That way you can read your copy of the science fiction e-book The Frequency on any device supporting these formats.

The devices supporting these formats:
          - Apple iPad (using Apple iBooks)
          - iPhone and iPod Touch (using Lexcycle Stanza , Glider)
          - Sony Reader
          - Barnes and Noble nook
          - Hanlin eReader
          - COOL-ER
          - eSlick
          - Kindle 2, 3 and 4
          - Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus
          - iRex Digital Reader 1000
          - iRex Digital Reader 800
          - Phones/devices using Android
          - PocketBook Reader
          - Ctaindia's eGriver Ebook Reader
          - Windows Phone 7
          - Computer: Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
          - Prestigio - PER3152B, PER3072B, PER3052B, Libretto PER3162B/PER5062B

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