Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google +1 button begins global rollout!

Google's +1 button has seemingly had the result desired for the search engine, as today sees its proportion from the US to the UK, France, Germany and Japan, with the rest of the world following shortly.

The +1 button is a fairly new addition to Google's arsenal of weapons in its never-ending fight against content farms and other low-quality websites. With its launch internationally, the same results tuning that +1 has been affording to the US search results pages can now work its magic on all of Google's localised, international results pages as well.

Of course its not just Google that benefits from the better search results provided by the use of the +1 button. Sites producing quality content, and with a loyal reader base could well see their rankings improved. And as +1 users' recommendations are flagged to friends on results pages, it's possible that sites may see increased traffic, too.

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