Monday, March 5, 2012

Nvidia GK104 PCB pictured with some unusual power connector design!

First "real" Kepler (GK104) PCB shot from Asian website chiphell! They claim to be a real picture of the reference PCB.

The PCB is green in color and it's obviously an early engineering sample. The final product (branded GeForce GTX680 / GTX670 Ti) will likely have a black-colored one. The estimated length of the card is about 25 cm. On the picture we see the front side of PCB of a total 8 memory chips, which confirms the heavily rumoured 256Bit wide memory interface, with likely 2 GB of GDDR5. But it may be even 512-bit interface if the memory chips are placed also on the back side!

On the CAD drawing of NVIDIA's GeForce Kepler 104 (GK104) reference board we see that there are two SLI bridge connectors, giving it 3-way and 4-way SLI support. Two way SLI bridge interface appears only on the flagship graphics cards! It seems that NVIDIA could potentially aim with the GK104 as a high-end product to compete with AMD's flagship card Radeon HD7970! 

Other connectors on the card are dual DVI, one HDMI and one DisplayPort output. The card is loaded with a 5+2 phase power design (5-phase NVVDC configuration).

On the last two pictures we see a strange double-decker power connector. External power supply has a new plug with two 6pin PCI-E + 8pin PCI-E connector!

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( Nvidia GK104 PCB pictured
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By: Air T. 

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