Thursday, March 8, 2012

AMD A10-5800K Black Edition is a Top Trinity with Turbo at 4.2GHz

AMD’s flagship of the Trinity lineup is the A10-5800K Black Edition and it comes in early Q2!

The top of the range Trinity APU the quad-core A10-5800K Black Edition series is designed for gaming which has an HD 7660D integrated GPU with 384 Radeon cores (2.0). The GPU is running at 800Mhz while the CPU clocks at 3.8Ghz and can do 4.2Ghz in Turbo mode.

Trinity is a big thing for AMD. The company has high hopes with this chip in both mobile and desktop space. In near future we could expect quite a few interesting mobile Trinity parts, including low-voltage versions for ultrabooks.

According to road map the release date seems to be the second quarter and third quarter. All members of AX-5000 quad-cores series will appear in Q2 (April). While the double-core models will appear in Q3 (July).

For full specifications list of next AMD APU family with AMD A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, A6-5400K and the A4-5300 check out the table bellow!

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There is no clear information about prices! But we could expect them to be released soon!

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    1. Thanks Ryan, you did also a great article about AMD's A10 5800K!