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Preview: AMD's 8-core FX processor and test results of the Bulldozer "Zambezi" 8130P!

DonanimHaber have run an AMD FX engineering sample through a battery of tests. The engineering sample is said to be a B1 stepping chip clocked at 3.2 GHz. The Turbo Core 2.0 can up the clock speed up to 3.6 GHz with all cores active, or a whopping 4.2 GHz with only 50% (i.e. 4 cores) active. Needless to say, these are likely not the final shipping clock speeds.


The sample features 2MB L2 cache per module, for a total of 8MB and 8MB L3 cache shared between all modules (and cores). The motherboard used was a Gigabye 990FXA-UD5, a high end 990 FX motherboard. The GPU paired is a GeForce GTX 580. We have compiled a table of the benchmarks as reported by DonanimHaber.

                     (credit VR-Zone)

 In addition, it took 19.5 seconds to complete SuperPi 1M, which is much slower than Intel competition. However, in real world benchmarks, the story is rather different. In X264 Pass 1 the Bulldozer sample (henceforth mentioned as simply "BD") results a whopping 136.29 fps. To put this in perspective, Intel's fastest CPUs can only manage ~100 fps. However, it is always Pass 2 that is the real test. BD completes with 45.39 fps. The typical speed for a Core i7 2600K is ~36 fps, while Intel's 12-thread goliaths complete in the ~47 fps range. BD is clearly far superior to the 8-thread Sandy Bridge, while nearly catching up to the Gulftown champions.

Even more impressive is the 3D Mark 11. While this score depends from platform to platform, when coupled with a GTX 580, the previous 3D Mark 11 champ Core i7 2600K struggles to achieve the P6000 mark, typically. BD easily sails by with P6265. In Fritz Chess, BD overpowers Core i7 2600K yet again, with a score of 14197 kn/sec. However, it falls short of Gulftown CPUs, which are typically in the 17000-18000 range. Finaly, in Cinebench R10, BD returns a score of 24434. With this score, it slots right in between Core i7 2600K and Core i7 990X.

The results are consistent, for the most part. In multi-threaded applications, BD significantly outperforms Core i7 2600K, and almost catches up with 6-core Gulftown. In less muti-threaded applications, like 3D Mark 11 or X264 Pass 1, thanks to an incredible 1 GHz Turbo Core, BD overtakes Gulftown CPUs. In all situations, BD ended up well ahead of Core i7 2600K. In every situation, BD was massively faster than Phenom II X6 1100T - more than 50% in many cases.

Of course, these benchmarks and comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt - especially it being an engineering sample. If previous rumours of stock clocks up to 3.8 GHz and a price tag of only $320 are true, AMD could have a real winner on their hands. Even with the engineering sample's clock of 3.2 GHz, a $320 is a bargain for a CPU of this power, wiping floors with the mighty and similarly priced Core i7 2600K. Having been delayed, FX-Series CPUs are now expected to release for desktops in the late August / early September timeline, with more information expected in the coming weeks.

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