Thursday, July 14, 2011

AMD Radeon HD 6990M already in Alienware M18x gaming notebook

AMD has gone to press with their official answer to nvidia's gtx 580m, the 6990m, to be showcased in alienware’s flagship M18x gaming notebook.


"At its core, the Alienware brand is about pushing the limits and finding new extremes in gaming performance," said Arthur Lewis, Vice President and General Manager for Alienware. "By offering two AMD Radeon HD 6990M graphics processors in our flagship M18x laptop, Alienware and AMD have come together to provide gamers the ultimate mobile experience." 

Just checked on the Alienware site (M17x & M18x), and HD 6990M card is pretty "cheap"! Much "cheaper" than upgrading to a GTX580M! 

See it for yourself! (screenshots taken on july 13, 2011)

Alienware M17x:

Alienware M18x:

More about AMD Radeon HD 6990M you can find here: AMD Launches AMD Radeon HD 6990M - World's Fastest Single Mobile Graphics Processor 

By: Air T.

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  1. This here is a comprehensive review of the Alienware M18x. Seems to be pretty impressive machine yeah..