Monday, February 6, 2012

Entire NVIDIA "Kepler" series GPU Specifications leaked!

Nvidia Kepler specs are "finally" out! Lineup has been "fully detailed", with specifications including clock speeds, memory totals and bus bandwidth.


Bumping through the list, specs shows us that reference GTX680 will have just 2GB! But even with 1GB less than HD 7970, Nvidia GTX680 is able to perform 45% faster. Also GTX680 boasts double the amount of stream processors compared to GTX580. We already know that the entire Kepler series will be PCI-E 3.0 compliant and that is manufactured on TSMCs 28nm technology. For a $100 more than HD 7970 youll be getting almost a 45% faster card! GTX680 is priced at $649 and will be released in April 2012.


The GTX 680 will apparently perform 45% better than the HD 7970. Well, this is a bold claim as AMD's new HD 7000 series cards made big performance gains over the past generations already. I’d like to see some TDP ratings as well. 

 Only time will tell!  So i would take this specs with a grain of salt.

By: Air T.

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