Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AMD Socket FM1 Llano A8-3870K Black Edition and A6-3670K first official unlocked Llano models

AMD is planning a major update to Fusion-A series processors. The first details emerged before, "K" series won a formality Fusion processors are unlocked multiplier.

  (Credits: donanimhaber.com)

AMD A8-3870K and A6-3670K will not only have free settings for the multiplier for bus-free overclocking, the new APUs will also be the flagships of each respective category.

AMD A8-3870K will be the first Llano circuits to reach 3.0 GHz and it does it with four CPU cores and a powerful GPU with 400 Radeon cores. The GPU is still set to 600 MHz, as the TDP is set to 100 watt.

AMD A6-3670K in turn raise the clock frequency from A6-3650 to 2.7 GHz, while the GPU and TDP is maintained from the base model.

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